CLR hosts academic conferences, symposia, workshops and other programs on a wide range of subjects related to law and religion. These programs are held at the Law School and St. John’s foreign campuses in Rome, Italy and Paris, France. Drawing scholars from around the world, they promote an important open dialogue on the relationship between religion and the state and the role of law in various religious traditions.

Here is a list of some of our offerings:

  • Joint Colloquium in Law and Religion (Spring 2014). This innovative seminar used “virtual classroom” technology to link students and faculty at St. John’s and Villanova Law Schools. Leading law and religion scholars presented papers; students prepared written responses and engaged the presenters in dialogue. The presenters included Michael Walzer (Institute for Advanced Studies), Sarah Barringer Gordon (University of Pennsylvania), Kent Greenawalt (Columbia), Don Drakeman (Cambridge), Kristine Kalanges (Notre Dame), and Steven D. Smith (San Diego).
  • State-Sponsored Religious Symbols in the U.S. and Europe (June 22, 2012) Co-sponsored in Rome with the Department of Law at Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta (LUMSA), this event brought together leading American and European scholars, judges, and politicians to address the legality of public religious displays in different nations. The conference took place at LUMSA’s main campus in the Borgo district, near the Vatican. Proceedings were in English and Italian with simultaneous translation. Papers will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Catholic Legal StudiesView full program (pdf)
  • Colloquium in Law: Law and Religion (Spring 2012) This seminar, taught jointly by CLR Director Mark Movsesian and Assistant Director Marc DeGirolami, gave selected St. John’s Law students an opportunity to study with some of the most prominent thinkers in law and religion, including Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Professors Philip Hamburger (Columbia), Cathleen Kaveny (Notre Dame), Michael McConnell (Stanford), Ayelet Shachar (Toronto), and Joseph Weiler (NYU).
  • Christians in the Middle East: Contemporary Human Rights Issues (October 21, 2010) This robust panel discussion sponsored by CLR addressed the human rights concerns of Christian communities in the Middle East. Panelists spoke about the daily problems these communities face and the potential for addressing them through the international human rights regime. View the program here (pdf).
  • Laïcité in Comparative Perspective (June 10-11, 2010) CLR held its inaugural conference, Laïcité in Comparative Perspective, at St. John’s Paris campus. Scholars from the United States and Europe presented papers and particpated in robust roundtable discussions that compared the French model of church-state relations, laïcité, with models that exist in other countries, including the United States, Italy and Spain. The conference proceedings were published in a an issue of  St. John’s Journal of Catholic Legal Studies. View the conference program here (pdf).

CLR faculty participate in programs hosted by other schools and organizations around the world.

To learn more about the Center’s program offerings and for more information on any of our past or upcoming programs, please contact us.